Art and Architecture

Woodlawn's memorials represent some of the finest examples of architecture in the nation, constituting an exceptional collection of collaborative works by preeminent architects, landscape designers, sculptors, and artisans of the late nineteenth through the twentieth centuries.

ArtArchright1_300The extraordinary number of private mausoleums is the largest and most distinctive collection in the United States. Complementing this work is the cemetery's circular lot plan. Surrounded by roads or paths, these provided a unique setting for the skillful integration of some of the cemetery's largest and most distinctive monuments, including many of its mausoleums.

The resulting composition, reflecting a magnificent array of architecture in a verdant landscape setting, represents a virtual library and study collection of attributed design and art critically recognized in architectural, landscape, and other design journals. 

ArtArchright2_300Acclaimed architects such as McKim, Mead & White designed some of Woodlawn's 1500 significant monuments and mausoleums, as did CarrĂ©re & Hastings, Daniel Chester French, and John Russell Pope.

Notable and accessible examples of Art Nouveau, Egyptian Revival, Greek Revival, and Romanesque Revival architecture abound.

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